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Project C-054: Jackson Middle School

Current Board Adopted Budget:


School Jackson Middle School
5100 Polk
Houston, Texas 77023
Phone 713-924-1760
Fax 713-924-1768

Current Phase
Construction Phase
Progress: 98%

Feeder Austin High School
District District VIII - Juliet Kathy Stipeche
CMPA Johnston-LLC
Manager Bruce Green
Contractor Summit Builders
Architect AUTOARCH Architects
Project Status

Renovations to the Second Floor of Building A are completed and the teachers are moving in to the spaces. Building B is is undergoing final cleaning. The light poles will be installed near the end of the month (August 2012).

Target Year Open/Complete: Q2/2012

Renovations include: safety/security systems improvements, MEP systems improvements, and ADA code compliance.

Last Updated: 8/20/2012